Our Agencies. Partners.

Our business agents and partners are one of the primary sources of our project-based work. Traxlogic collaborates with agencies and 'solution providers' from all around the world and we highly value our partnerships.

Traxlogic realizes the importance and challenges of working with partners and our experience lets us do this in the best possible way. We have developed plans and solutions to deliver projects on-time, on-budget and on-spec. We represent you professionally and we provide the pro-active ongoing support you expect. Clear communication and transparency is vital for any offshore setup and we ensure that the communication is properly managed.

What we offer through our partners

  • Earn recurring profit by selling websites
  • Earn by selling ready-made websites
  • Earn by selling websites
  • Earn money through software development
  • Earn by selling SaaS Applications
    We have a wide range of software applications for small and medium sized businesses. Our partners can sell these to their customers and charge them for consultation. Most customers do not take the initiative of finding and learning a software and rely on consultants to provide them with the assistance. This is where you come in and you can provide this service for a consultation fee. You keep the consultation fee and as a vendor, we ensure that you have the required support from us so you can deal with your customers with confidence. Support includes adding new features for free and addressing any problems that the customer faces in using the application. As a partner, you can also request new features, updates and any particular query you want addressed in anyway.SaaS Applications we offer include:
    • Customer Management System
    • Vendor Management System
    • Contract Management System
    • Point of Sale (POS) with Product and Inventory Management
    • Student Management System
    • School Fees Management System
    • Time & Attendance Software

    Contact us now by emailing us at [email protected]. You can also talk to us on Skype ID: jamshiddastur.

Security & Privacy Issues

Our agents and business partners are very valuable to us. We have very strict policies and ethics in the way we deal with our agents & partners and the clients they bring to us. We communicate with the end-clients only when our partners want us to. Otherwise, we keep our identities concealed and the end-clients never know that we were involved. Our policies include:

  • Do not post a project in the portfolio without the permission of the agent/partner
  • Do not contact the end-client(s) unless asked and/or authorized by the agent/partner
  • Do not directly quote prices or talk about quotations with the end-client. If an end-client comes to us with work, we redirect the request to the agent/partner
  • In case our relationship dissolves (for any reason) with the agent/partner, we never contact the agent/partner’s clients (for whom we worked) unless asked and/or authorized by the agent/partner. In the past it has happened that our agent/partner closed their businesses or sold them to other parties and we forfeited the projects and never contacted the end-clients without prior consent of the stakeholders.