Who We Are

Traxlogic is the IT-solutions company with offices worldwide. Our comprehensive Wide Range solutions model brings you the best of the Software Development, Hardware Development, Products Development and Customizing Solutions.

Our Mission

Traxlogic mission is to develop an end-to-end delivery platform of state of the art technology solutions capable of servicing all current and future requirement.

Our History

Traxlogic is a dynamic organization that started out in 2013. Since then, we have grown into a powerhouse of ICT services. Our range of service includes Hardware and Software Development. Along with that we have specialized in custom Product Development. Our valued services can be availed to take care of all the current and future requirements of our clients.

Our Culture

Are we your typical IT company? Hell No! We break the mold when it comes to IT. Not only are we focused but we’re a pack of friendly, outgoing and technically gifted people. IT geeks with personalities. We are sought after. We want to change the world. We are Innovative.